Destination Wedding Photographer / London, Europe & Worldwide

You've found an international award winning destination/luxury wedding photographer (covering the UK, Europe and the world), who genuinely cares. Sit back, relax, and enjoy the above slideshow collections. Looking to book? I'd love to hear from you.

Fine Art While part of a greater story, each photograph is treated as it's own piece of art. The elements of composition, framing, contrast, perspective and layers (to name but a few) are intuitively considered. Food for the soul.

Photojournalism There is great skill in telling the entire story in a single photograph. I take a photojournalistic approach to weddings, saving those moments that make the heart sing. Never obtrusively, always respectfully with the natural flow.

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Naturally Unfolding Every wedding is entirely unique. I endeavour to capture that uniqueness as it naturally unfolds. No staged poses or smiles, only the preservation of genuine moments. The moments that really matter.

It's About Love Weddings celebrate the love between two people, their family and friends. That's where the true beauty is. Beauty that cannot be staged or faked. Beauty that is emotive, honest and precious.

Instinctive Approach

Order Diazepam Uk I never attempt to apply a set formula to a wedding. Each is approached openly, instinctively and in the moment. Instincts that produce all the photographs you'll find on this website.

Always Creative

Soma 350Mg Tablets I'm always - always - finding that magical moment, composition and style. In any situation. All day. Always in the zone. Every single moment can be captured artistically.

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My Goal: Your Joy Creating a story that invokes joy is the most humbling and rewarding experience. It's what makes me tick, and one of the reasons I do not limit coverage. The other is a thank you for giving me the honour to document your day.

The Little Things Whether they are high-end or hand-made, I love the details of the day, which is why they always feature in the storyboards and albums. Couples put an enormous effort into their weddings, and I do the same in documenting them.

Genuine Care I'll help whenever I can, and I'll go out of my way to ensure you're happy. I won't go cold post-wedding either, Im always there. A rule I live by: treat people as you wish to be treated.

I'm Different

Buy Valium In Hungary I'm not the average wedding photographer. I don't take the same routine shots that most do. I strive to be different, to offer fresh, unique and artistically engaging photography.

A People Person I love people. I love to find out what makes them tick, to see them smile. I engage with wedding guests as it encourages them to relax around the camera, to open up and be themselves. Absolutely invaluable.

Efficiency is Key

I understand the value in prompt communication, and endeavour to do so. I also appreciate that time is exceedingly valuable, which is why the storyboard is online after two weeks, and the full gallery in three.

Naturally Creative As a child I lived in my imagination, always drawing and doodling. My professional career before full time photography was in the creative design industry, contracted by global banks and network operators.

Technically Adept A Masters Degree in Advanced Computer Science compliments the creative side perfectly. I understand equipment and technology. No weak links in the process of capturing the photo to final delivery and secure backup.

Physically Ready

Stamina is a vastly underestimated factor of wedding photography. For the best results, hour after hour, fitness is key. I keep myself in great health; mind, body and spirit. I'll be in the zone and full of energy all day and late into the night.

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Problem Solver Multiple cameras, backups and equipment, along with the ability to work around restrictions (rain, for example), means that no matter the context or seeming limitation, the photographs are always of the highest calibre. Order Diazepam Uk