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Family Lifestyle Norwich

Totally adorable!

Norwich Lifestyle Photography

What a smile megan has, she's absolutely gorgeous!

Fritton House - Lifestyle

Fantastic day at Fritton House! Lovely to meet the whole family.

Terra Forma

Terra Forma

The ground tears apart and lighting bakes the ground as the newly forming planet passes the dwarfing super-class planet, Mya. A composite designed back in 2010, original photo (earth and clouds) taken in Suffolk.

Portrait - Emily

Portrait from 2010. The model, Emily, is a lovely person. As is the MUA, Asher Coleman. A delight to work with.

Fine art baby portrait

Fine Art Portrait

Taken for the lovely Amanda & Sam, a couple I shot their wedding for last year. Sam is a tree surgeon, I adore the contrast of his physical hands against the baby's skin.

Urban Glam 2

Urban Portrait 2 - Jenna

Another from the model portfolio set for Jenna. Taken on the UEA grounds in 2010. Strobist lighting.

Wells Abbey, Somerset

Wells Abbey - Somerset

The architecture of this place is amazing. Note the tiny person in the far doorway, it helps to give a perspective of the grand scale of this building.

Urban Portrait - Jenna

Another from the model portfolio set for Jenna. Taken on the UEA grounds in 2010.

Portrait - Jenna

Taken back in 2010 as part of a model portfolio series for Jenna. We did a lot of work together! Always professional and friendly.

Zen Garden

Terra Rose Tones

Love these tones, which are named as the title suggests. Taken in 2010 with an 85mm lens.

Benji Batface

Benji Batface

A good friends kitten (now a cat!) we looked after Benji while the owners were on holiday for two weeks. He is totally awesome. Trained him to fetch an elastic hairband. You could ping it along the floor, he'd charge after it, grab it, then trot back with it and drop it next to you. Miss him!

Dreams of Bali

Memories of Bali - Volcano

The little green island on the right is all that remains from an eruption, the lava wiped out all other greenery. Taken in Bali, 2009.

Vintage Wedding Mini-Fayre - Juniper Flowers - Sudbury

Fantastic vintage wedding fayre at Juniper Flowers in Sudbury. Great to meet everyone!

Luna Flora

Luna Flora

Very minimal processing on this macro shot - and yet it looks like life on our celestial satellite

Web Spinner

Web Spinner

Macro shot of an October Spider as we call them, spinning it's web. The precision and technique is incredible to watch.

Beautiful Pink Rose

Happy valentines day!

Vintage photography, red umbrella in a field

Vintage Pinup - Red Umbrella

Taken back in 2009 in Suffolk. The model is, again, the beautiful Holly.

Purple Sunset

Purple Sunset

Taken on a flight home from Majorca. Dreamy.

Translucent spider in macro

Not of This World

Not for the squeamish! This little fella is actually one of those tiny, thin house spiders. Taken with a macro lens with perfect backlighting. Creepy :-)

Water drops on a leaf

Dew Drops

Macro time - this is a very small leaf. Smaller thank you think. Still smaller :) I love the absolutely tiny droplets!

Vintage Pinup

Vintage Pinup

Retro goodness! The rather beautiful model is Holly.

Say Hello to Boy

Yes, his name is Boy :) He loves to play, especially rolled up in our rug! He is the best cat in the world.

Beautiful sunset

Beautiful Sunset

A wedding had come to the end, and as I left the venue I was greeted by this scene. The sky is an eternal masterpiece. Mind blowing beauty!

Galaxy in a Rose

Rose Galaxy

I love how the outer petals are decaying while there is vibrant life growing at it's center. Just like a galaxy. Mesmerising!

Waves of a beautiful green plant

Green Waves

This photo makes a lovely relaxing wallpaper. Drop me a line with your screen resolution if you'd like to try yourself.

Zen Temple Flower

Zen Temple Flower

A fallen flower in a beautiful temple. Bali, Indonesia.

Gorgeous orange flower with raindrops on petals

Catching the Rain

Nature's beauty never fails to completely amaze me. This combination of orange, purple and green is simply sublime! If you keep your eyes open as you walk, you'll notice that nature frequently uses complimentary (split) colours together.

Beautiful crocus flowers - time for spring

Wishing for Spring

Goodness me, it's cold at the moment! These beautiful crocus flowers usually bloom along our road as spring arrives. I took this photo last year, and I can't wait for the warm weather that signal their arrival! Roll on spring :)

Bee hovering opposite a flower - about to drink

Hovering Bee-Fly

This little fella is after some sweet nectar. It took a few shots to get sharp focus, but it was well worth the effort. You can even see the little specks of pollen on the tongue and back.