Holt Wedding Photographer - Norfolk

Marie Claire & William

WOW! Thank you so much Ross, they are just amazing... Im soooooooo happy!

We were gifted fantastic weather for this relaxed half-day joint wedding and Christening in Holt. Marie-Claire and William's character-packed cottage sits on the edge of a beautiful field. The perfect setting for a couple who love the outdoors (William is a game keeper).

Marie-Claire has very specific tastes in photography, and spent some time finding the photographer to suit. She loves to see creative compositions and framing for those special moments which tell the complete story. Something I'm very passionate about indeed. The match was made, and the day exceeded my already high expectations.

Marie-Claire was also one of the most relaxed brides to be I've met. 

Me: "There is a fantastic place to hang your dress up outside, do you mind?"

MC: "Go for it! I'm happy for you to do whatever you want"

Creative freedom is awesome.

I head off to the Church of All Saints, West Beckham, as William welcomes the wedding guests

The church bells ring as Marie-Claire arrives

We move straight to the Christening of their adorable little daughter. She's always smiling!

We make a stop off at their Nan's, who was unable to attend the wedding ceremony


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Such great photos and storytelling! Really really good!

Ross Harvey

Thanks Tobiah!


Looks like a really fun wedding!


beautiful, just beautiful. Love the way you told this story though these images. Great work!

matt shumate

What a beautiful day for a wedding. That church is incredible. Great work!

Naomi Goggin

wonderful compositions, and great eye for detail in these. lovely set! x

Ross Harvey

Thanks Heather, Nick, Matt & Naomi – much appreciated!


I love all the emotion you captured! Beautiful wedidng!

Teresa K

WOW, I don’t think you missed a thing!! Excellent coverage for sure…

Mary Sylvia

Ooo I like what you’ve done with the stone clad church framing them in that wide shot. Nice work.

Lyn Ismael-Bennett

I love the shot of them coming out of the church with all the confetti. Great coverage!

Paul Fuller

Awesome, that black and white shot of the kids against the wall is brilliant!

Ross Harvey

Thanks Jessie, Teresa, Mary, Lyn and Paul!

Brennan McKissick

Seriously love your style. Super photojournalistic, I love how I feel like I’m there

Lesley Pattinson

What beautiful story telling of their day, fantastic job!

susan eckholdt

Such A Perfect Day. 2 people so clearly in love.


What a beautiful wedding! You have such lovely detail shots – the shoes, the dogs, the organ player, everything. I also love the shots taken through the window!


Amazing work as always. You really captured and told their wedding day beautifully !!