Letters of Love

The judges felt that [Ross Harvey] demonstrated the most beautiful combination of photographic skill, creativity and storytelling whilst having a clear understanding of their clients and their weddings.

Wedding Industry Awards

Ross recently took some time to answer a few questions for our Photographer Spotlight Interview series and I'm honored to be able to share his dreamy work with you. Each of Ross' photos are individual works of art that come together to form a complete visual story that uniquely captures his couples.

He has a trained, artistic eye that sees all the moments of the wedding day with honesty and beauty, from the small and in-between to the grand and traditional.

Sarah @ Junebug Weddings

Totally and utterly overwhelmed. To say we’re thrilled would be the biggest understatement of the century. I didn't have one single doubt how these were going to turn out. Complete and utter faith that you'd knock it out of the park. I truly, deeply, meaningfully hold your work in the highest of regards – you're peerless dude. Out of this world.

James & Lynsey

What can I say. You are an absolutely AMAZING photographer and you deserve to win Wedding Photographer of the Year for the next decade (and then some). Our wedding was an absolutely fantastic day and you captured the most brilliant moments. Your eye is unbeatable. I knew from the moment that I found your website that I was going to love you and your work! I almost want to get married again just so you can be the photographer… again!

We have gotten SO many compliments on both your brilliant photos and yourself as the photographer, and honestly, your work is just out of this world. Pure AWESOMENESS. End of. You've probably heard this before, but YOU ARE THE BEST!

Phoebe & Ian xxx

Oh... my... God. We are completely blown away, thank you, you are a magician!!

Sonia & Mario

These are so beautiful, we honestly couldn't have asked for anything more. Thank you thank you thank you!!! Not only are you an absolute megastar with a camera, you are a totally awesome guy as well. We feel very lucky to have had you there to capture our day so perfectly.

Mr & Mrs Roue xxx

So in Love with these!! We knew we had to have you as our photographer and these photographs just show we were so right. They are truly beautiful. You have captured the spirit of our wedding. Our family and friends all loved having you around, you were a part of our wedding from the early morning until the very end. Such a pleasure to hang out with and always smiling & snapping away! Thank you Ross for stunning photographs we will enjoy for the rest of our lives.

Georgie & Nick

I am absolutely blown away by these pictures, each one is beautiful, artistic and manages to capture the emotion present at the time.

I cannot thank you enough Ross, you managed to surprise me (pleasantly) by exceeding my high expectations. I love them all. Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!

Andrea Caunter

Absolutely speechless. When we first met Ross, we knew we had found the photographer we were looking for due to his incredible enthusiasm and energy, not only for his work but for our wedding.

Without Ross, our wedding wouldn't have been as amazing a day as it was. He was able to make us all feel relaxed while getting ready in the morning, and was right in the middle of it all throughout the evening.

By the end of the day Ross was not just our photographer but a friend. And to top it all off, he has produced pictures more beautiful then we could have ever hoped for.

Thank you so much Ross for becoming such a special part of our day and for doing so much more than we asked of you.

Alice & Mick xxx

If I were to give someone looking to book Ross some advice it would be this: do not hesitate! Not for one moment. Because you don't find a photographer this talented and this lovely very often. I have been flicking though our wedding pictures over, and over, and over. I literally can't stop looking at them. From the beginning you were totally on board with our quirky, slightly madcap wedding, and for 15 hours your energy and creativity knew no bounds.

The pictures are beautiful, quite literally could not be better but, and I say this in all honesty, the best thing about hiring you, was meeting you. Pleasure to have you sharing our special day with us and thank you for capturing that special day for us so sensationally.

Katie & David xxx

Dear Ross,

These are magical! Thank you for capturing everything so wonderfully in such a unique way. We are totally blown away.

Gemma x

First of all a short introduction about the writer of this letter…

I am the brides father, have a visual arts training background, am a keen amateur photographer of 47 years experience, run my own customer-focused service-industry company, am *extremely* discerning and hard to please, and most importantly was paying the bill for the photographer. It was therefore a foregone conclusion in my mind that nobody could possibly live up to my expectations. I was patently wrong. On the big day, and subsequently, Ross in fact surpassed all my expectations by a very long way.

Having a wedding photographer around that none of us had ever met before was always going to be intrusive. That special once-in-a-lifetime day of intimate family moments and celebration of love between two people is inevitably charged with emotion and therefore vulnerable to feelings of intrusion. Ross’ overriding skill however – apart from taking truly incredible photographs - is his ability to blend in harmoniously with even the most intimate of family moments.

You know when you meet someone who always adds real and tangible positive energy to a situation? Ross is that person. Many times I saw him enter into a room or situation and start to engage and interact with the people in it. Within seconds the energy would rise and faces would beam. He’d then subtly, stealthily and almost imperceptibly engineer objects and people to get that killer shot. Most people tend to tense up when you point a camera at them. Ross however has an amazing ability to make people feel relaxed and natural. Often I’d see him taking crazy shots of people or objects from bizarre angles, from down on the floor, from up above, between people’s feet, or in reflections (he has an obsession with reflections)! Several times I heard him say “trust me, this will look good when you see the photos”. He was right. And many times I heard guests comment on what a likeable guy he was.

Regardless of all of the above, the enduring legacy though lays in the photos themselves. They speak for themselves. I have a personal interest in photography. I spend many geeky hours each week reading about creative processes and participating in online photography communities where we critique each others work, so I know my critical eye is very very finely attuned. I was refreshingly blown away by the creative competency, technical professionalism and sensitive insightfulness of Ross’ results. I even like looking at other people’s wedding photos on his website! He captured the emotions of the day perfectly. And on a personal level as a photographer I envy Ross’ natural abilities and aesthetic maturity for one so young.

In summary Ross quietly emanates an infectious confident loving energy, takes incredibly emotive photos, provides an excellent value for money service and to top it all is simply an all round great bloke! If you are considering engaging him for your family’s wedding then you honestly need to search no further. He is so adaptable, inventive, insightful and sensitive that I’m sure he will succeed in recording any social event with great success.

On our big day Ross did our families a great honour. You can’t take gambles with a wedding photographer because you can’t rewind and do it all again, and a refund would be completely irrelevant. The important thing is the results. I have 2 other daughters. Both have stated with certainty that they want Ross to be their wedding photographer. He will be.

Chris Bennett (father of Mia)

PS. I realise that the above glowing reference may possibly sound almost too good to be true! I hope not. I am therefore, willing to provide a telephone reference for any of you cynics out there! Please just ask Ross for my number and I will gladly take your call.

Ross - the photos are amazing. So talented.

I was overcome with emotion looking at them - you captured the day beautifully.

Vicki Doel

Well WOW! What can we say, the photographs are gorgeous! We had an amazing day and words cannot describe how happy we are that they reflect the day exactly as we remember it. You made the day even better by being you, it's so comforting to have someone so calm, relaxed and enthusiastic enjoying the day with you, you are a truly special person and we feel very lucky to have had you there with us. All our guests commented on how you kept snapping away into the night, with some saying they had never known a photographer to stay all afternoon, let alone all night! Thank you Ross, so very much for all your hard work, the photographs are amazing xxx

Sarah & David

We love them so much and can't thank you enough. They are more special than I ever imagined and we can't express how happy we are.

Karen & Trevor

Love, Love, LOVE the photos Ross, you are such a genius, and such a pleasure to have with us on our day too xxx

Rachel & Rob

A HUGE thank you Ross. You really were fantastic - just what we were looking for. Professional, unbelievably creative, dedicated, patient, and lots of fun! Thank you so much for staying till the bitter end. The photos are just beautiful - we have had so many comments from friends that they are the most amazing wedding pictures they have ever seen! What incredible memories we will have forever, you captured our day perfectly xxx

Kate & Stewart

Dear Ross,

Thank you again for all of these beautiful photographs!!! You have made me sooooooooo happy, I love the photos and I have been smiling ALL day after seeing the storyboard. You are the best. I appreciate your hard work, your passion, and your enthusiasm and I am so glad that you were there with us on this special day. Your photographs are so full of beautiful moments and forever memories. You have a home in Johannesburg.

Bear hugs

I'm overwhelmed. I couldn't ask for anything more. Truly amazing pictures Ross. But I didn’t expect anything less. This just sums up our whole day from start to finish. I felt the day went by in a flash but you have brought back some truly amazing memories for us which we will be able to keep forever.

I just cannot thank you enough.

Big Lovages from the Delfages xxx

The photos are amazing! You have a fantastic eye for composition the details are beautiful.

We couldn't be happier!

Sally & Matt x

Thank you so much Ross for being so fantastic. Everyone has commented about what a lovely, fun person you are. You made everyone feel relaxed. We had a great time climbing through the trees for those beautiful photographs! Thank you again.

Jolene & Louis

Wow. We are blown away by these, thank you so much Ross!

You've captured the day as we remembered it and how we want to remember it forever.

Awesome! Thanks for being part of our day and making the photos enjoyable to do and not a chore, you have a relaxing influence on those you photograph.

Sam & Caroline x

A big thank you for the wedding pics, they are magic! Fantastic shots which are so unique, we cant stop looking at them!

Shelly & Pete

Wow! What can we say?! YOU ARE AMAZING! We loved you, guests loved you, venue loved you. To quote a great: 'awesomeness'!

Gemma & Gary xxx

WOW! Thank you so much Ross, they are just amazing... Im soooooooo happy!

Marie-Claire & William

Thank you so much for all you've done for us and for producing such amazing photos. They really capture the essence of the day, and are such a brilliant memory for us and our families. You had a great manner and style on the day which we really valued. We could not have hoped for more!

Becky & Brendan

The photos are amazing, thank you so much!!! Thank you for the album too - we LOVE it!!! :-)

Clair & Ian xxx

Ross was absolutely fantastic and is such a talented photographer. He had a real ability to put all of our guests at ease and capture all of the emotion of the day.

Above all else Ross is a true gentleman and a great down to earth guy - many of our guests assumed he was a good friend helping out, rather than someone we were really fortunate to find.

Weyma & David x

Ross did the most amazing job! He has a special knack of fitting in with everyone and making everybody feel at ease. The love of photography runs through his veins! Many of our guests thought he was a close friend, and this is how he manages to get such natural shots. We are so happy with our photos!

Greg & Caroline x

The photos are absolutely amazing, thank you so much!

Michelle & Martijn

Ross made everyone feel at ease on the day, and managed to sneak about like a ninja, popping up everywhere and taking incredible pictures without you realising he was there! He has an incredible eye for a shot and we love our wedding photos, and the album is incredible.

I even love looking at other peoples wedding pictures he's taken as he manages to capture such a sense of the day in them you feel like you were there! If you are getting married, make sure you book this man for your photographer!

Tom & Joanna

We absolutely love the photos, and every time we look through them find more new things in them! The album is wonderful!

Collette & Nilesh

You have a god given talent my friend! The way you capture the day as if you were there every second of the day is amazing!

Kurt Stockham

Stunning work Ross, absolutely beautiful.


Ross you got MAD SKILLS!!! I love these photographs! Thank you forever :)

Nicole Caunter

HOLY AMAZING Ross! Wow. I had to go through again because this (photos) just stopped me in my tracks. Absolutely stunning!


Jaw dropping, spectacular, stunning.


Love love love the photos! We are both so happy Ross. You've captured smiles and expressions just brilliantly. We can't remember half of what happened on the day and these really have brought it back to life. You're a true superstar and we love you loads!!!

Mina & Rich

Holy cow these are phenomenal!!!! The moments, the emotions, the colors! I love it all!!!


Dear Ross,

We are so pleased that you were there to celebrate our special day. A massive thanks for making it so amazing, it just wouldn't have been the same without you there! You brought a sense of calmness to the occasion!

Lots of love, Mr & Mrs Hunt xx


You are truly awesome!!! That was the opinion of all our guests. Kat and I feel priviledged that you were a part of our special day, and I want you to know that your hard work will bring us years of happiness.

Ash & Kat x

A huge thank you, the photos are absoutely amazing. So is the album - we love it!

Rachel & Gareth


Just a little note to say a HUGE thank you for such a fantastic collection of wedding photographs. The whole day was a dream and you captured every detail perfectly.

Memories will stay with us forever and the beautiful photos will keep them alive and colourful. You blended in in so well, it was a pleasure to have you as one of our guests.

Thank you so much for all your skill, enthusiasm and hard work which produced truly amazing results.

Kindest regards,

Teresa & Matthew

To Ross,

A heartfelt thank you for making our day so special. Our photos are amazing. We're so happy!

Love from Mr & Mrs Townsend

Award Feedback

Ross Harvey was one of the reasons my wedding day felt so special and went so smoothly. He took photographs of preparations, all aspects of the ceremony, the reception, and the goodbyes. I think the world of him and I love my photographs. They are truly amazing!!!

He shot a friends wedding and after meeting him and seeing her finished shots, we just had to have him!! Also, he is so busy that there are different wedding shots on his website every week and I loved looking through them all almost as much as I loved my own! When someone is this good at what they do, its just a joy to behold and wonder at their talent - clever guy!

Within minutes of meeting Ross his warm hearted nature and honest approach is so comforting - you know you are giving one of the most important jobs of the day to a pair of hands you can trust. We would recommend him again and again.

Ross was amazing. He listened to how we wanted to capture our day and delivered the most beautiful photographs. He has a unique and gifted way of seeing special moments and lets you keep them forever through his impeccable work. He felt more like a life long friend at the wedding. He was Brilliant.

Ross was a fantastic presence at our wedding, he had energy, creativity, a professional integrity and understood our vision for the day. Many of our guests commented on how hard he worked, he put us at ease throughout and the standard of images that he produced is second to none. First class.

Excellent in every way, even in dealing with awkward relatives! Fantastic coverage of the day with amazing photographs better than I could have imagined, no idea how he made me look so good! I have always hated photos of myself he did amazing things.

Ross was brilliant, he chatted with us a few times before the wedding to get to know us as people, by doing that he understood the kind of thing we like. He was superb at capturing moments. The pictures we ended up getting of the day were simply breathtaking!

Ross is a great guy easy going and hard working. He has a great eye for detail and took some of the best photos I've ever seen. Everyone at the wedding was amazed at how hard he worked to take the best photos of the day.

Ross is an incredible photographer, he exceeded our expectations in every way. He was fantastic on the day, professional, friendly and discreet, understanding our needs and putting everyone at ease. Communication at every stage was excellent and the finished shots blew us away - truly perfect.

We couldn't have asked for a better photographer. Ross helped us feel relaxed in the morning while we were getting ready and stayed until well into the night so that the whole day was captured. He felt like a friend by the end of the day and the photographs are truly brilliant.

Ross was incredibly personable professional. He put the whole bridal party at ease before the ceremony, and took absolutely priceless pictures that capture the day perfectly. I have recommended him to numerous friends. I'm so happy we chose Ross as our photographer.

The photos Ross took were absolutely amazing! and he really captured the day totally. I actually cried with Joy when I saw the first lot of photos that he put on the blog and loved how he does this a couple of days after the wedding as you really get a sense of what is to come. Amazing!

Ross's work is superb. The way he captures special moments just brought back what a truly amazing day we had. I loved looking back at our story board felt like we were getting married all over again. An amazing photographer who has a unique talent, captured amazing memories which we can keep forever.

Ross is an exceptional photographer who captured all the emotions of the day, even the parts when you think no-one is watching. Ross is a fabulous guy and mingled with the family like it was his own, we received many complementary comments from family. Amazing photographer!

We met Ross at a family wedding - he was their photographer. His genuine interest in the couple was amazing. He wasn't just doing his job - taking photos at a wedding - he was loving his job - enjoying making memories for others to cherish. Forever professional.

Ross was so enthusiastic from the planning stages to the finished photos and even beyond. He made us feel really special - he cared about our wedding and was excited by it. He had so much energy was instantly likeable, and made us feel relaxed in front of the camera, and confident we could trust the job to him.

A bloody nice bloke! His website oozed confidence and class, we had no doubt that Ross would do an amazing job, and he certainly did!

I researched many photographers on-line, contacted around 10 for prices and information. I narrowed that down to 5 potentials, 3 of which we met at our house, Ross being the third. Within minutes of meeting him we knew he was our photographer of choice. Smart, polite, very friendly and most importantly we could tell photography was his passion!

Ross was recommended to us through friends at work, after looking at his previous work and meeting in person, we had decided we wouldn't chose any other photographer. He made us all feel so at ease, it was a pleasure having him as part of our special day! Ross is a very talented photographer who can capture the emotion in any moment.

On our Wedding day Ross did what Ross does best, he captured the story of our special day - from early in the morning to late in the evening - patient, professional, understanding - nothing too much trouble. On receiving our Wedding photos my husband and I, and our families were blown away!

Ross is easy going, friendly and hard working. Our album is amazing - the best thing I own! The whole family loved it.

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