So delicate.

If you follow me on Instagram, Facebook or Twitter, you'll have noticed I bought a Leica M3 recently. A beautiful piece of machinery.

The day the film arrived in the post -the second Holly returned home, no professional MUA or stylist, entirely real- I had to play with it in specific lighting conditions. The first roll of film I've had developed, the lab being UKFilmLab, who I love already (professional, personable and skillfull).

I love the film / rangefinder shooting experience (and results). While I could shoot and edit to this point on digital, that's not the challenge. The challenge is shooting analogue, with film, with no AF assist, no huge dynamic range to play with in Lightroom, no exposure adjustment, and to focus entirely on the moment, the subject - the emotion - and the light.

It's emotive, honest and incredibly rewarding.


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Sam Docker



Beautiful bro. Keep posting!

Damian Burcher

Bresson, Capa, Haas, Harvey. Leica adds a new legend!

Tomasz Wagner

Great to see more amazing photographers like yourself pick up film for their personal work!

Patryk Stanisz

Exellent portrait!

Tony Cullinane

Love it, great use of light, simple and pure.

Yolande Marx

Absolutely beautiful!

Daniel Ha

Beautiful use of light and shadow in this portrait!

Hilary Mercer

Love the light. So beautiful!

Tracy Morter

Really beautiful.
I love how those straight lines are curved by Holly’s presence.



Albert Palmer

Great frame dude! Loving that grainy look.


Wow, so pretty!


Nailed it.


Killer work man. You need to let me have a play with that beauty (the Leica, not Holly of course!)

Heather Elizabeth

Striking portrait work. Stunning.

seth goodman

What a beautiful portrait!


Lovely shot! So happy you are venturing into film-land!!


Lovely, very emotive

Heather Kanillopoolos

Awwwww yeah. Love me some grain!!

Karthika, Truly Photography

Lovely – a simple and timeless portrait. Really love your work.