Nikon D750 Review

The Perfect Wedding Photography Camera?

Nikon: You've created a monster.

What this review isn’t: pixel peeping and statistical comparisons between various cameras.

What this review is: a real world account in a professional environment from a gear lover with high standards. It's not intended to be a catch-all review, it's specifically tailored for my own needs and shooting style. 

Important notes: 1) These cameras were paid for by myself, it's an unbiased review.  2) I have used and compared gear from many other brands. They didn't hit the spot and hence not adopted professionally. 3) Every shot (except dance floor) is ambient/available light. No flash whatsoever.

Review updates:

  1. Focus point grouping information
  2. Adding D750 RAW Lightroom support (see 8)
  3. Two videos: Buffer speed, shutter sounds and back button focusing
  4. Canon 5D3 5-stop under exposure comparison
  5. Nikon D3s 12800 ISO comparison
  6. User Mode custom profile notes
  7. Essential Live View tweak video
  8. Adobe D750 DNG Conversion video walkthrough
  9. SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/sec SD card test
  10. Added more wedding photos (directly below)
  11. Added workshop training photos (directly below)

If you'd like to know a little bit more about myself, check out some of my wedding work or my street photography. I've won some awards too.

Update - 10th October 14: D750 photos from this weeks workshops below. 

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


If you don't 'get' the above image - squint your eyes!

Update - 5th October 14: D750 photos from yesterday's wedding below. 

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


Nikon D750 vs Nikon D3s

I’ve been using two Nikon D3s’s for the last few years. I adore this camera, and have often touted it as the perfect choice for wedding photography. Arguably the best mix of megapixels in terms of print ability and online/offline storage, impeccable AF, low second hand prices and the greatest high ISO ability (in the context of dynamic range) of any serious professional action camera.

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


While weddings aren’t as fast as sport, I move quickly and shoot quickly. If you consider that ‘poor technique’, consider this: I don’t want a camera that can’t keep up with me. I want a camera that is transparent; a seamless element of my thought and action process. The D3s has been a faithful servant in this regard where many others have failed.

D3s Upgrade Path

With each body nearing the 300K shutter mark, it’s time to find replacements. The logical choice is the D4s. Incredibly capable, but do I need that outstanding buffer? Not really.

The D610 and DF, as good as they are, have less powerful AF systems. While perfect for some, I’m both spoiled by and used to Nikon's best.

The D810 has the 51 point AF system, but at 36 megapixels and 5fps, it doesn’t have the speed. A revelation for studio, landscape and portrait photographers however.

Enter the Nikon D750. An upgraded (I think) D610 sensor with low light ability that exceeds the D810. The latest and greatest Nikon 51 point AF system that focuses at -3EV. Dual card slots of the same format (SD). 6.5 fps, only 2.5 shy of the D3s. 24 pixels of the Mega variety.

In the UK at launch the D3s was £3500 new (they’re around £2000 second hand now). The D4s is £4800.

The D750 is £1800.

Nikon 35mm 1.8G (FX) Review

Nikon D750 Review


As to not make it any easier on the D750, I paired it with the new 35/1.8 from Nikon. A smaller, cheaper and lighter version of its older brother - my workhorse lens for the last 4 years - the Nikon 35mm 1.4G. A perfect fit for the D750.

So that’s a D750 + 35/1.8 combo (£2265) vs the D3s + 35/1.4 (£4980 at purchase). 

A tough ask.

Two D750s and 35/1.8 arrived on Friday, just before I had to leave for a wedding. Handy. A single D750 and the new 35mm lens came with me and was used along side the D3s, and most importantly, used in the way I would use a D3s; quickly and without compromise. 

Nikon D750 Review


If it could keep up with that pace, it was going to be a very special camera at that price point and size.

Nikon D750 Autofocus

Autofocus, along with sensor technology, is at the core of professional camera performance. For the way I shoot (often wide open at ƒ1.4), manual focus is not fast enough. Missed autofocus is a missed moment. A camera that nails focus boosts your confidence. Confidence and creativity are intrinsically linked.

I manually select the AF point and employ continuous focus (AF-C). I don’t need the camera to determine the focus point, my composition and eye does that. All the camera needs to do is nail the object I’m focusing on.

After running it through its paces, I’m glad to report that the AF on the D750 is outstanding; my creative freedom of movement was unimpeded. Both centre and outer AF points performed admirably. I pushed the camera and expected to see missed focus shots, but nearly everytime the D750 surprised me with absolutely spot on focus. It is better than I had hoped, and I had high hopes.

The ceremony - walking down the aisle - shot you see at the top of this post was in very low light. The D750 had no problems whatsoever nailing focus with an outer point (lower middle). Being able to take that kind of shot and not rely on the center point is a huge boost for compositional ability.

Nikon D750 Review


The two shots below were taken quickly. Both hit first time. The lady who dropped the drinks wasn't too impressed with me taking the shot, but it was a perfect test. I didn't even look through the viewfinder; the focus point was already selected and I guessed the subject position within the frame. 

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


Before the D750 was released, one of my concerns was the buffer. I’d read reports that the D610 was not suited for fast action. Coming from a D3s, built for sport, it was a potential deal breaker.

I’m also (extremely) glad to report that the buffer is ample. For the confetti shots I was able to burst 2-4 shots every second or sooner without issue. It did fill up and slow down at the end, but by then it was over (see the end of the review for a video demonstrating the buffer). I took 30 shots in total. 24 had completely nailed AF, 3 were out (the very first 3, which could have been my own doing) and the last 3 were slightly off yet easily recoverable with minimal sharpening. Very impressive. I was using the excellent 24mm 1.4G Nikon lens.

Buffer / write speed update: I have since tested the SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s SD card and it's even better. Even when the buffer is full the D750 shoots at around 4FPS, and the buffer clears itself much faster. Highly recommended. See the video (Update 6) at the end of this review.

Nikon D750 Review


3D focus tracking works exceptionally well, especially for targets that move across the frame (kids running across fields, as an example), although I still prefer manual focus point selection. I might play with it more over winter.

D750 Camera Settings

I’ve set my D750 up similarly to the D3s. If you’d like to try my settings (anything not mentioned is default):

  • Aperture Priority
  • Matrix metering
  • AF-C, 9 Point
  • Auto ISO: Base 100, Max 12800, Min Shutter 1/250

Playback Menu

  • Playback Display Options: Tick [Highlights, Histogram, Overview]. Adds additional review screens (up/down on D-Pad to cycle).
  • Image Review: OFF.

Photo Shooting Menu

  • Filename: RHP. Of course :)
  • Slot 2 Role: Backup (both RAW). If I ever need a backup, it has to be RAW.
  • Image Quality: RAW. Naturally.
  • RAW Recording: Lossless Compressed, 12bit. Uses less space, hence more shots on the card with essentially zero detail lost.
  • Color space: Adobe. I use Lightroom and Photoshop, so why not.

Custom Settings

  • a3 - Focus Tracking: 1 (sometimes OFF). I prefer the AF to concentrate on whatever is directly under the AF point.
  • a5 - AF Point Illumination: ON. AF points blink red when pressed.
  • a6 - AF Point Wrap: ON. This really should be on by default.
  • a9 - AF Asset Lamp: OFF. Obviously.
  • b3 - Easy Exposure Comp: RESET (ON). I found myself missing the ExpComp button (used to D3s placement), this circumvents the issue as you don’t have to press the ExpComp button to change its value.
  • b4 - Matrix Face Detection: OFF. It will be ON at my next wedding for further testing however.
  • d7 - Viewfinder Grid: ON. Horizontal lines useful for straight composition.
  • f1 - OK Button - Playback: Zoom 100%. Essential for checking focus.
  • f3 - Assign Preview: My Menu
  • f5 - Command Dial - Menus & Playback: ON
  • f7 - Slot Empty: LOCK. Stops you using camera with no card.

While the AF point spread doesn’t cover the frame as fully as the D3s, I didn’t find it a problem. Any extreme compositions could be executed by locking focus (AE/AF-L button) and recomposing slightly, something I've always done anyway. It occurred to me that if I overlaid the 12MP resolution of the D3s through the D750 viewfinder, the D750 AF points would essentially cover that imaginary D3s frame. In the 'worst' case scenario (in other words, needing AF on a subject in the corner of the frame) I could use an outer point, then crop the image and still have higher resolution than the D3s. While entirely unscientific, it made me grin at least.

I use the outer AF points all day, their performance is very important for my style of shooting. These shots were all taken successfully using the outer focus points.

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


Nikon D750 Low Light Autofocus

In short - this is next level low light autofocus. Really. I performed many tests in a darkened room, focusing on objects in conditions that would stop every other camera I've tested. Time after time, the D750 exceeded my expectations. 

Nikon D750 Low Light Capability

Having been spoiled by the D3s, which had incredible dynamic range at high ISOs, my hopes were high. But also ‘fair’. I wasn’t expecting magic. But that’s what I found. Even with the ‘cheaper’ lens - the new Nikon 35mm 1.8G - it was outstanding. 

The below photograph is straight out of camera (!) wide open (ƒ1.8) and ISO 9000. All I did was desaturate the blue channel to remove a blue tint caused by the window.

Nikon D750 Review


Incredible! It made the dark church look like a brightly lit room, with ease. Notice the quality of dynamic range, even at ISO 9000. Much to play with. The 100% crop shows the quality of the noise; gorgeous.

Nikon D750 Review


No chroma noise, no patches and no banding. Uniform and consistent. Quality stuff, guys and girls. Remember that’s SOOC without any noise reduction whatsoever.

The D750 had no problem finding contrast in testing environments. The below shots were taken in darker conditions than the results suggest - as that’s the power of a top sensor paired with top autofocus:

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


How about on the dancefloor, where things get hectic? I often pair the D3s with the Nikon 24-70mm 2.8G (which has fairy dust in its AF engine), using the AF assist on the SB-910 speedlight.

Again, the D750 with the tiny 35/1.8G performed admirably. I don’t think it missed a single shot all evening.

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


RAW Manipulation

The degree in which a RAW is editable (flexible) has a profound effect on post production abilities. The higher the dynamic range in an image, the more you can do. This is why higher dynamic range at higher ISOs is so important, you maintain the ability to manipulate the image to your liking.

Below are a few SOOC and ‘pushed’ examples of how D750 files can be edited to a normal degree. Note the quality and depth of detail, contrast and colour in the pushed images. Adobe Lightroom was used to edit the images, and while the D750 RAW files are currently unsupported by Adobe applications, see the end of this post as to how to trick Lightroom into opening them.

You can now download the latest Adobe Camera RAW and DNG converter. Nikon D750 is now officially supported! There is a video guide at the end of this review.

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


Below is a 100% crop of the pushed shadow area, again, note the high quality colour and noise. Wide open, ƒ1.8 on the 35mm/1.8.

Nikon D750 Review


Extreme Sensor Test: 5 stop under exposure

While not a real world example (unless you have serious exposure issues!), below is a 5 stop under exposure at ISO 100. The same gear and settings as before, the Nikon 35/1.8G using 12bit Lossless Compressed RAW recording.

Nikon D750 Review


The above image, imported into Lightroom with the exposure pushed +5 stops, is below. Mind boggling detail recovery! The depth of detail in the dark shadow areas seems to defy logic, they are essentially black in the original image. Stunning.

Nikon D750 Review


100% crop. What more can I say except to add another superlative? Amazing!

Nikon D750 Review


The black and white conversion is as clean as some cameras at ISO 800. Madness.

Nikon D750 Review


As requested by quite a few photographers, below is a Canon 5D3 shot taken with exactly the same settings (using the £1200 Canon 50mm 1.2L), and edited with the same settings (although I had to desaturate the magenta and purple channels by about 80% as the blacks were essentially purple.

The 5D3 version has consistent banding and a tartan-like chroma noise. Chroma noise is the type you don't want, it's very hard, if not impossible, to fix in post. Even in black and white it looks blotchy. Lower dynamic range is the reason the colours are poor; I couldn't actually get the whites white without making the rest of the image look unnatural. There is also detail loss in the dark areas.

To save you scrolling I've placed the D750 version below again for quick comparison. I repeat, this is not a real world example, it's simply testing the furthest reaches of the sensor. The Canon 5D3 is a very good camera and it has served many professionals very well indeed. It just shows how good that D750 sensor is, and it's great to know that capability sits behind your RAW files.

Nikon D750 Review


12800 ISO Comparison vs D3S [Added 1/10/14]

A few people have requested this, and seeing that it's a very relevant request, I've shot the below comparisons. DPReview will no doubt complete their usual thorough testing and add the D750 to its comparison database. An excellent resource. Until then, these may help you.

In each repeated image, the top is the D750, the bottom the D3s. It was taken in a dark and strongly backlit room (my office, or 'mancave' as the wife calls it) with about 2 seconds between them. Both use the Nikon 35/1.4G lens. ISO 128000, ƒ2.8, 1/125 and are SOOC. No noise reduction. The D750 images are down sampled to D3s resolution.

To spice it up, I took only a single shot using the lowest central focus point, the Leica M3 being the target. Interestingly, the D750 focus was spot on, while the D3s front focused. Remember, D750 top and D3s bottom.

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


Stellar performance from the D750! It has kept pace with the undisputed DXOMark DSLR low light king! Wonderful contrast. Note: the red 'beats' logo is absolutely fine in the JPG preview, there seems to have been an issue with the RAW conversion using the EXIF trick as described later in this post. Roll on full Adobe support! The D3s has blown the highlight blue channels however, while the D750 captured them perfectly. In terms of dynamic range, they're both incredibly capable. That's not an easy situation for a camera, low light and backlit.

Overall, I'd say it's incredibly close. Remember that 100% pixel peeping is not at all indicative of real world use; blogs and prints. I'm pretty much sure that most would have a very hard time choosing which is which in a blind A/B test.

I'll let you make your own minds up. I personally (and professionally) couldn't be happier; it's on par with the D3s! 


I’ve found my new wedding camera. My high hopes were exceeded, and that was using a £460 lens. The next wedding I’ll be back on the 1.4G primes and 24-70 for the dance floor, and I’ll use two D750s throughout. My two trusty D3s’ will come along as backup (never thought I’d hear myself say that). To create a camera so small with such an incredible sensor and autofocus system that not only offers great dynamic range and quality at higher ISOs, but also focuses in darker conditions, will be absolutely invaluable to countless photographers. Myself included. I am genuinely delighted at how capable this tiny camera is.

I do a lot of travelling for photography, having lighter and smaller gear is always welcomed. To have that with essentially zero drawbacks is a fantastic achievement. The saving in size and weight, while maintaining - and in some contexts even exceeding - the D3s performance is nothing short of amazing.

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


When you carry two cameras with you all day these ergonomic benefits cannot be understated.

Battery and card storage; with RAW recording set to 12bit Lossless Compressed and a 64GB card (Lexar x600, 90MB/Sec), the readout displayed 1.5K shots. I actually took 2.3K, and the shot counter still displayed 200 remaining. You only need four 64GB cards to shoot 5,000 images per wedding with 1:1 RAW backup. I used two batteries shooting that 2.3K figure, with only a fifth of the second battery being used. I'd been playing with menus and WiFi the night before too. Very impressive. Two batteries per camera is ample for a long wedding.

The User Mode (U1 and U2 on the dial) profiles are perfect. On the D3s I had custom 'shooting banks' (i.e. profiles) set up for switching between aperture priority and manual (used for dance floor and off camera flash). You could select them through the camera menu. I prefer it on the D750, using the dial, it's much quicker. To save settings to U1 or U2, choose the mode you wish to use on the main dial (M, A, S etc.) and set the camera up as intended. Then simply press the Menu button, go to Setup Menu (the spanner icon) and select Save user settings. You then choose U1 or U2. Note: it even saves the AF point selection! Remember to reset it to the center point when saving user modes.

With regards to the shutter maximum of 1/4000, it's negligible to me as the D3s was ISO 200 and 1/8000 (with the D750 base ISO of 100, it's identical). In direct harsh sunlight the lowest aperture you'll get is 2.8, but I'm usually in documentary mode in bright sun. If you need ƒ1.4 for direct sun portraits you can always pop an ND filter on the lens.

Nikon D700 advocates. This is your next camera. Your prayers have been answered (I came from a D700 by the way, a fantastic camera). The low light and AF increase is game changing.

Canon shooters. If you were waiting for the right time, and I know many who are, the time is now. I have owned and shot with a 5D3. This D750 lands a haymaker so accurate that its rivals are not only knocked out for the count of ten, they have a fleet of people running around them trying to return them to consciousness. The 5D4 has it's work cut out for it. Exciting times for both Nikon and Canon users, as competition supercharges technological evolution.

D3 and D3s users. Unless you need the larger buffer and FPS for full on sport/action, I can whole heartedly recommend this upgrade path.

The Good

  • Tiny, compared to the D3s
  • Featherlight, compared to the D3s
  • Perfect ergonomic fit and grip for my hands
  • Incredible AF in all light
  • Incredible dynamic range
  • D3s level high ISO ability!
  • Wide exposure compensation range: +/- 5
  • Balances well with 24, 35 and 85 1.4G primes
  • Fast shooting, great buffer with the right card
  • Tilting screen will come in handy
  • Fast Live View
  • SD cards are cheap as chips
  • Excellent User Mode profiles
  • Highly customisable
  • Built-in WiFi (so handy)
  • 2.5K shots on a 64GB card
  • Good battery life (similar to D3s)
  • Did I say it’s awesome?

The Could Be Better

  • Live View: Double exposures don’t work (infinitely easier with live overlay, please add this Nikon!)
  • Live View: Exposure Preview should be on by default (shows real time exposure)
  • Live View: Button hold + D-Pad for much bigger focus area control / movement
  • Need an option to disable the LCD activating when changing ISO
  • Quiet mode. It's not quiet!
  • AF point spread
  • 1/4000 shutter

Final word

Nikon, you’ve created a monster. Throughout this review all I could think was 'Return of the Jedi'. This camera is an absolute gem.

Nikon D750 Review


Since this is a single usage review (although over a solid 15 hour wedding and tested in critical conditions) I'll follow up this review with a report on the D750 with the 1.4G line of lenses and a higher maximum ISO (24K) at the end of the season (November).

As for the 35/1.8G - a mini miracle. Crazy fast AF, essentially weightless, small form factor and great image quality. Nice bokeh too:

Nikon D750 Review


Will it replace my 35/1.4G? No. The 1.4G has better contrast and colours in harsher lighting conditions (especially wide open), but that’s to be expected since it’s over twice the price and weight.

Will I keep it? Oh yes.

I’ll leave you with some more D750 and 35/1.8G goodness, a combination I predict many, many wedding photographers will be adopting.

There is simply nothing on the market that can match the combination of the Nikon D750 price, size/weight and performance.

I buy my gear from Amazon because their return policy is second to none. If you found this review helpful, feel free to use these links to order/pre-order! Thanks.

Nikon D750 Digital SLR Camera with Wi-Fi (24.3MP) 3.2 inch LCD

Nikon AF-S NIKKOR 35mm f/1.8G ED Lens

SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s SD Card (highly recommended)

Update: Adobe D750 NEF/RAW Support

Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop do not support the D750 RAW/NEF files as of today (29th September 2014). You can trick Lightroom to do so though, using a free tool named EXIFTool. These instructions are for Mac OSX. There is also a Windows version.

  1. Once installed, open
  2. Type: "exiftool " [Note the space after the word, crucial!]
  3. Drag and drop the containing RAW/NEF folder onto the Terminal window (it auto adds the full path)
  4. Copy and paste this directly after the full path: * -overwrite_original -Model="NIKON D5300"
  5. Full example: exiftool /full/path/to/raws * -overwrite_original -Model="NIKON D5300"
  6. Press enter and wait while it updates
  7. Import into Lightroom as normal

Note: Don't do this to the orignal RAWs! Back the originals up first, and do this to a duplicate set.

Lightroom users, you can download the latest Adobe Camera RAW / DNG Converter. I've always converted RAW files into DNG upon import, they're smaller files with exactly the same quality as the RAWs. Perfect for online storage. See the video below for a walkthrough.


Update 2: Buffer Performance Video

Update 3: Quiet Shutter and Back Button Focusing Video

Update 4: Live View Essential Tweak - Exposure Preview

Update 5: Lightroom D750 Adobe DNG Converter Guide

Update 6: SanDisk Extreme Pro 95MB/s Speed Test

Nikon D750 Image Examples

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review

Nikon D750 Review


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Thank you for this review. I’m beyond relived as my D700s have reached their end after 5 wedding seasons and I just didn’t know which Nikon route to take. This has finally sorted all my problems and I look forward to the extended ISO range I wanted. I’m thankful I didn’t switch to the Canon 5Dmark3!

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Good review, tho aRGB is pretty useless – look up the correct usage. with RAW it doesnt make any sense, RAW has the Sensor´s color space, not sRGB or aRGB. unless you are printing it yourself, aRGB is also useless.

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Hi Ross,

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Thanks again,
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Great review!

Just thought to let you know that your Lexar card is only capable of writing 50mb/s and reading is at 90mb/s. That is why you are not seeing much performance from it.
My advice get a card that is capable of writing at 90mb/s and has U3 rating. You will be amazed at how fast these cards are.

Ross Harvey

Thanks for the great feedback! I’ve addressed peoples questions by updating the post itself.

Mike – thanks. I have some U3 90Mb/sec write cards on their way to me. I’ll test and add a new video if it’s much better.

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Great review Ross. I kept a D600 for the dance floor after moving to fuji, but in all honesty it sucks at low light AF – if the D750 is as good as you say it is it might be worh a punt… Thx


After pouring over various websites, Youtube vids and social media conversations… this is exactly the kind of real world, hands-on review I was looking for. Most information so far has just been recited off of spec sheets. It’s much more helpful to see someone showing examples and talking about actual experience instead! I’ve been shooting with a much loved d90 for the past five years and looking to upgrade to FX for the past two, however the 6xx/8xx did not appeal to me and the D4 is beyond my means. This camera seems to hit the sweet spot and after reading your review, it solidifies my choice. Thank you!


Ross do you know if you can link spot metering to the active AF point? Something only available on the 1 series Canon.

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This is THE best review I have read for the D750.

In general the camera has got great reviews, but those are technical in nature and hardly any real world use is demonstrated.

Being a wedding photographer myself, this is very appealing, especially when I am looking for an upgrade over my D610 and D7000.

Thanks for an awesome review.

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so I’m about ready to purchase the D750 but I’m confused about the raw file compatibility. I assume adobe is fixing this soon, but wasn’t understanding fully when you explained the raw file conversion. I have two sessions coming up this weekend (I was hoping to have already purchased the D750) but as a result, decided to hold off on buying the camera (even though they had one on hold for me at the store…grr) I don’t want to screw up my raw files or do conversions that I’m not fully 100% understanding. And since my camera I currently have works fine, I decided to hold off until the issues are fixed. Is that just totally stupid of me for thinking like that? Is the lightroom conversion easier than I’m making it? I’ve never experienced raw compatibility issues with any of my cameras with photoshop or lightroom so it’s new to me.

Ross Harvey

Hi Eliza! If you’re unsure, it’s best to wait. It shouldn’t be too long before Adobe release a Camera Raw / DNG Converter update, though! I hope, anyway :)


What a great post. This would stop me from looking for other reviews which is what I do since the camera was launch, BTW what technique that u applied on the post processing. Really impressed on the way u edit your image. Also not forgotten what setting do you use on the D750 to get such nice color and sharpness.

John Barwood

Hi Ross

Amazing review and amazing work. Can I ask about your focusing? Do you not lock focus and recompose then? As I can find a way to lock it in continuous mode once it has acquired focus. I am assuming you are keeping you 9 points on the subject at all times?

Also do you have it set for release or focus? Or one of the Wierd options in between?

Massive thanks for your answers in advance, keep up the good work :)

Peter Farrell

Your review convinced me to go out and acquire one of these beasts straight away. Best decision I’ve made in a while :) This has just replaced my partners’ ageing D700 and might replace my two D4’s yet.
An alternative work-around for getting D750 files into Lightroom is to use ExifChanger, simply change D750 to D5300… Easy :)

Johan Schmidt

Wonderful review with practical examples showing the extreme capabilities. I’m definitely getting a D750 as a second body for sports together with the D4 and 400 2.8


Hi Ross, if i were edit the way u edit those images, can point me the link to that tutorial? Btw nice LS50 u got there too..

Johan Schmidt

Excellent practical review by a good photographer. I’m definitely getting a D750 as my new 2nd body for sports photography together with the D4 & 400 2.8. Thanks


That is it. Im going to buy a D750!

Taylor Singh

Damn you. Time to sell some Canon gear. Amazing review!

Light and Love

Thank you for this Ross, its helped me make a decision after a long time of changing my mind back and forth! I love your editing.

Tim Wheater

My bank balance doesn't like you, but I do! LOL


Hey Ross I was close to buying the 5D3 now I may change my mind as it seems the Nikon is a lot better in many areas in comparison?


What a great review! Your knowledge on what to assess and how to express your findings are really clear and well substantiated. Plenty of proof here. One of the lucky customers to grab one of these after my gear was stolen in Lisbon last week. Can’t wait to get out there and test this gem myself!

Ross Harvey

Thanks Tom. The D750 beats the 5D3 in both autofocus and sensor quality. To me, nothing is more important!

Tony Goldsmith

Hi Ross

Excellent real world review that has made me take notice of this camera. I was initially put off by the lack of AF-ON.

I currently shoot with a D3s and D700 combo for motorcycle racing. I will be looking to upgrade the D700 next year and this could well be it.

Stunning photos as well.


Excellent review Ross! Thanks so much for doing it :-)

Quick question – what happens if you use Single Point focus, but enable Face Detection too? Which focus point does the camera give precedence to?

Also I wish I knew how you do your dance floor shots!

nick wyatt

Finally…a sane review. Thanks Ross!

Ross Harvey

Thanks Tony & Nick!

Mark – the Face Detection is not the usual AF point and shoot affair. It detects faces in the frame and attempts to adjust the exposure for said face(s).

Luke Richardson

Brilliant review, really useful. Thank you for taking the time.

Susan Mayer

OMG I want one! That sensor stuff! Looks like a great camera thanks for the excellent review Ross, one of the best I've seen!

Ahmed S

That is one sweet review bro! Ill use your links to buy the camera, thanks!

Ross Harvey

You’re welcome! Glad so many people have found it useful. And bought so many D750s!


Great Review. When I went to Adobe lab site, it appeared that the converter was for Photoshop? It is quite possible I am overwhelmed by all the abreviations there.
Is there a download to make Lightroom 5 handle the Raw images from my new 750? Writing this on Oct 3.
Thank you in advance.


Nice review! Can you please describe how you take your dance floor shots? I know it’s spdifferent each time but the ones you’ve included here – do you use manual flash settings and if so what were they? I can’t seem to get sharp subjects with movement in the background. Thanks!

Juan David H

Hi Ross, thanks for this information.
This Nikon will be my first camera so I am very excited to read this and can’t wait to have it on my hands and start a new profession (I’m leaving software development).

Regards !!

Paul Keppel

Great review, I bought a D750 of the back of your review, will be putting it through its paces at tomorrows wedding :-)


amazing review!…I too bought the nikon d750 only after your review forwarded to me by a top commercial photographer…and must say you immediately gelled with us. Your review comes across as an honest one! Look now you are not only Uk’s best, u are now loved by people all over the world. Great feeling huh? n ofcourse please continue the good work…Fabulous—-Indranil, India.

Martin Bryers

Great review dude, thank you for something honest….! I’ve been looking for something to upgrade my d7000, to use alongside a D800 and now I feel confident this is the camera. I am not a pro but I am a keen amateur and whilst I realise that the camera only takes the picture and doesn’t create the image, I need to be confident in the camera I use. Have ordered mine with the 24-120…. Can’t wait for it to come….


Hi Ross, great review and your buffer update with the sandisk pro has convinced me I can deal with this buffer. I was doubting a lot between D810 and D750 because of buffer and bird shooting.
However on the sandisk website I found an even faster card SanDisk Extreme PRO SDHC/SDXC UHS-II Memory Card. It claims to write at 250Mb/s. So about 2.5 times faster. Any idea if this card would be compatible and if it makes sense. Would it outperform the camera’s writing ability?


At last an honest straight out of “war zone” review!If the pitch black photo test is what it is then I take my hat off to Nikon!
The only thing I don“t get is why the shutter speed is at 4000 when is essential an 8000 to use with 1.4 and 1.2 lenses in broad daylight!
Great stuff otherwise!


Found my own answer the Sandisk pro extreme sdhc II won’t improve the write speed in fact it will be worse.
Many SD cards are tested here for the D750 specifically:


Ross, Thanks for a great camera review. I have been shooting with a D700 for years. I have a client that I shoot hand bags for. Do you think the image quality will hold up and even be better then the D700?

Any advice would be greatly appreciated. I also photograph a lot of birds,I think it would work great!

Thanks Again,


Joe Nurik

Great review. But the big question is-How do you get the grid lines on the live view for photos? I have it in my viewfinder. No problem to set that up, but can’t get it on my back display. Thanks for your help.

Joe Nurik

I found how to do it so no need for a answer. Thank you anyway.

Alex E.

Hey Ross, I found your reviews to be very informative. Just the information I was looking for on D750. I do hope you will make one more review. You wrote that the AF is really good on this camera. How does it compare to older cameras such as D90 and D7100? My kids compete in ballroom dancing and I found that with both of the mentioned cameras, I had trouble getting getting a fast and accurate focusing. Often, these ballrooms are not well lit, I was wondering if you think D750 AF will give me that fast, sharp focus I’m looking for. I recently tried Sony A77 mark ii and Canon 70D. The AF on these cameras in very fast. And with Canon, pictures came out extremely sharp. How do you think D750 would stack up?


Best review yet! Answer: Best Wedding Camera for now, yes! 5DM4 would have to be a killer improvement over 5DM3 to have a chance. I own this and the D610, loved the image quality of the D610, but it was slow at AF, image rendering, etc. No way would it be in a wedding. The D750 focuses like a motha! And fast! I haven’t shot a wedding yet, but my D4 would get about 95% of the shots. I think this will equal and maybe surpass it… I was thinking of having a Canon DSLR just so as I can “join the wedding shooters crowd”, No way in hell now!…


Thanks for the great review! I bought my D750 yesterday & have been having trouble selecting my focus point manually & using back button focus. I press to focus and nothing happens unless I change it back so the camera picks the focus point, then I am able to use BBF. Any advice?! I don’t know what I’m doing wrong!

Tiago Carvalho

Thanks Ross for the “real life” review of the D750. I am on the verge of the D750 vs D810 war, and one of the things that are drawing me back from the D750 is the “prosumer” feel and grab of the body, I just love the more solid feel in our hands.. light is not always good, and it’s hard to rent a D750 here in Rio, Brasil, and I would love to try it out and test all of this by myself.
Regarding the kind of work I do, I guess the D750 would be great for lifestyle and travel, and better than the D810 for the events concerning low light performance and fast AF work on low light.. oh well! decisions… :) oh and great lens that 35 seems to be!

Pete D

Ross, I just wanted to thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts on the D750. It’s rare and refreshing to read a review that describes the actual experience of a working professional using equipment as it was intended to be used: to create beautiful images. You must be a busy guy judging by your incredible portfolio (love your work), so the time you put into providing such helpful and positive feedback is truly appreciated.

Scott Streble

This is the best review I have read regarding the D750. I have (2) D3’s that both have over 500K clicks and need replacing. Most of my work is documentary-style stuff for nonprofits often shot in low light. Sounds like the D750 will fit the bill.


Good job! I was waiting for someting like this! Now i know i have to buy this p camera :)

Mario Susilo

Thanks Ross.. such a helping review. Your photos are amazing also :)

Sarah Hipwell

Great review ross. Love the pic of the woman sitting in the front of church, her expression of sheer happiness is so genuine.


I have the option to buy a used d3s for under $2000. It has under 15k clicks. I’m working diligently to get into weddings more often and I regularly shoot events and portraits. Is this a sensible purchase or should I make the bump in spending and go for the 750? I’ve been contemplating for days figuring the d3s was the best I could get if I couldn’t afford the d4, now I’m confused!! Thanks so much for your help!


looks a great camera, I’m a bit worried by using Sd cards though for work they always feel a bit flimsy?! Should I be worried was considering change my two d3’s for the d810.

Todor Bozhkov

I think the comparismon between D750 and 5d MArk 3 is abosultely incorrect brief about the Dynamic range and shadows of both cameras.

Please, make a +5 stop overexposure with 5dMark2 and D750 and you can see the difference.
Canon photographers do shots with normal exposure or overexposure, while Nikon photographers did underexposure picture if they want to escape overburn areas.
Please take a +5 stops with 5D Mark 3 and D750…I know the final result.

Morkel Erasmus

Hi Ross. Great hands-on review, thanks. Though I shoot wildlife and landscapes, I do a lot of that in low light and therefore your findings are valuable to me. One question – did you do your buffer/framerate test on RAW quality or JPG? I’ve seen conflicting information that the 6.5fps is only when shooting in JPG – or can you confirm that you achieved good framerate on RAW given a high speed card? Important for wildlife, as you can imagine. I should be getting a test model from Nikon South Africa soon – can’t wait to check it out!

Atul Sharma

Great review Ross -D-750 would perfectly complement my D-800 as I’m planning to do more event work

Neil Redfern

Absolutely brilliant article Ross. I’ve just been reading through this again and I think I’ve made up my mind now to go for a couple of D750s rather than D810s. Really useful to see real world examples :-)

Simon Biffen

Well done Ross, fabulous work. Have my very own D750 now and it’s a little beaut! Thanks for helping me pull the trigger with the in depth review.


Thanks Ross, great review and I’m loving mine right now! Your videos have really helped me out too!

John Ortega

As others have said, your review made me seal the deal. Holding the D750 in my hands with the 50/1.4g and pictures so far keep blowing my mind. Still yet to test in a serious scenario, but the wifi ability connecting the camera to your phone and taking pictures from a distance is fascinating! If you have an iPad, I could only imagine in a couple clicks on screen download in jpeg and you have an instant demo to your customer how the pictures are SOOC!

Omar Lahmar

What great black and white conversions! What did you use for these Ross? A preset or Nic Silvereffect? Would love to be able to produce such lovely toned B+W’s. Great work!


Thanks for the fantastic review! I’m impressed by this camera so much that I’ve ordered D750! Even though I owned D300 and after moved to mirrorless fujifilm where it failed to meet my needs despite its great size and lightness.


Hi Ross, superb review! nicely written too! I have been shooting with the D700 for a few years and now have to replace the shutter – £ 530! ouch! There was nothing out there that excited me that I could replace with but now after reading your review I“m pretty much sold .. only thing – that big button on the top left? was it necessary? and does it take the same battery grip as the D700?

Mads Pallesen

Hi Ross, thanks for a great review. Got my D750 two days ago. First FF Nikon and love it so far!

A question: I noticed at high iso in low light, flash indicator is “flashing” in viewfinder, although iso and aperture setting together with A mode, should give correct expousre and pictures look fine.

Is this just the camera telling, that I could also use flash here due to low light? I don’t use flash at all in my photography.

Should I just ignore it or switch the indicator off or am I doing something wrong with exposure?


Mike V.

Thank you for this review and for sharing your candid comments and opinion. Thanks for sharing your settings too. Since I started reading your blog in late September, I have finally purchased a D750. My first purchase since 2009 when I bought my second D700. We’ll see how it goes.

Dav Hughes

Lovely review and images :)

As a Canon tog, I almost switched to Nikon, but along came the 5D3. Nikon is once again tempting!

Max shutter speed is 1/4000th. Do you feel that shooting in bright light with fast primes may be an issue?




Great review!


Great review thank you, can’t wait to pick mine up once the order comes through from Nikon UK. When can we expect the follow up please??

Paul Santoro-Hall

Thanks so much for this very hands on review I’m currently using a D80 which I love but I’m finding its limited in what I can do with it now so I’m looking to up grade so for the last 2 weeks I’ve been in torment but the one I was being drawn to was the D750 as it ticks all the boxes. I love it so seeing you review has now sealed my mind up D750 here I come… Thank you for your experience and comprehensive review

Iain Crowder

Your revue sorted my head out I’ve now ordered a D750 cheers.
Your pictures & vision are truly inspiring I’ve a long way to go!


Hi ross
Great review. Out of interest, and after reading a few other reviews, how do you find the AF speed of the outer af points on the d750 vs the 5dmk3. The reason i ask is the fact that the 5d has crosshair types on the outers whereas the 750 doesnt. In the real world of weddings how have you found it. Im a canon man up until this camera was released and have tested it once, very briefly and have to say im impressed but i have never used the 5d3. still use the mk 2. Basically, the D750 ticks all the boxes, except for the af points…


Brilliant review Ross. Absolutely amazed how good it performed, especially with the comparison to the 5D mkIII 5 stops under exposure. Absolutely crazy sensitivity and detail in the Nikon, something that may get me gravitating Nikons way if I ever make a habit of going 5 stops under ;-)


Thanks a lot for the review. I am literally killing myself as I have one D3s and a d7100, but want to have 2 FF bodies for weddings. Thinking of selling my adored d3s to get a d750 and a d610…


Hi Ross,

First of all thank you for your amazing review. I really love this camera and much more after your review.

Lately I´ve read in a lot of forums that this camera have some kind of rare reflection that could ruin some pictures. Did you experience this problem in any of your pictures? (here you can find some examples:

People are worried about the possibility of we are facing a similar situation that we suffered with the Nikon D600 that were replaced with the Nikon D610.

Thanks in advanced. Jesús.


Hi again Ross,

Here is a video reproducing the problem I was talking about.

Dis you see it in your photo sessions?



hi Ross do your d750 experience this problem?

i just notice it when someone post it in youtube, then i took some test



Comprehensive review about D750, part 4 shows the main difference between NIKON and CANON, that’s why I sold my 6D! Thanks again about the review!

Daryl Watkins

I have the D810 and D750 currently trying to determine which to keep…I dont shoot in studio stuff but coming from a D300…will I be please, long term, with the body quality of the D750 vs the D810? The D810 just feels so nice…I have battery grips coming for both…would the slight improvement in FPS for the 810 change your mind or would you still stick with the 750?


WOW – what a review & what a camera!! I dream of changing to full format coming from Sony SLT77. Looking for ambient ability as I don’t like flash.

I will have a very close look at the D750.


Hello. Wonderful article thank you! Can you explain why you use the focus points onthe borders (instead of focusing with center point and then composing the shot afterward). Also, can you let us know a little more about how you shoot something like confetti? And lastly, can you speak to your editing process? Your photos are really nice. Do you make your own preset in lightroom? Thank you!

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Mark O'Brien

Hi Ross,

Great review… I have been using the D700 & D3 for about five years now and they have served me very well. I stuck with them rather than upgrading to the D800 or D4 when they came out… the D800 chews memory so the D4 seemed to be a better option with a sensible yet fast 16MP! However, the D750 appears to sit in the middle wonderfully. The only thing that puts me off is a maximum shutter speed of 4000/s. I want to be able to use fast glass wide open on a bright day! Was this an issue for you?

Many thanks,
Mark O’Brien
<a href=http://www.clickclackphoto>Surrey Wedding Photographer</a>

John Grant

Good Afternoon Ross, I have just come your excellent review based on your own working experience of using the D750 and decided to read and watch all that you had kindly posted related to this camera.

I am now looking at trading in my D4 (keeping the D4s) for the D750 as I feel the new focus system (as per the D4s) and latitude reference exposure will compliment my D4s, I have to admit it will feel like having a small baby camera in my hand compared to the D4 series but I could always look at adding the battery grip…..thank you for the tip on the AF-On button as this is the only way I like to focus.




Thanks for the review,has been very useful.
Wanted to ask if you have used the 50mm 1.8g with the D750 and your opinion about it.
Warm regards.


Thanks for the write up. I’ve been using this body for a couple of months coming off a 5D Mk. III. Your settings for playback and autofocus were helpful as they allowed me to set the camera up in a way similar to how I used the Canon.


We can all take pictures on our mobile phones these days and on other technology devises, but no one captures the perfect image quite like a professional photographer. Are you really prepared to trust the skills of an amateur on your wedding day? By hiring a professional wedding photographer in Cambridge and the importance of their experience become extremely clear in your blogs.


I love photography and know a thing or two about it myself, which is why I find your blogs so interesting. I truly get a sense of how Cambridge wedding photography really work and achieve great success. It is just like been on a photography teaching class. It is so hard to express in words the joy I get from surfing your blogs.

Joel Grospe

This review is spot on as to what curious photographers need to know- when rubber meets the road. I’ve been finding great joy and pleasant surprises using my 1-month old D750 and your awesome review is quite reassuring (that it’s not just me!) Thank you for sharing.


Hello Ross, are you using focus or release priority? Thank you, Vlado

Kristi Wright

I’m curious as to why you have the AF Assist Lamp set to OFF.? (a9)

Matt Badenoch

After reading this review when it first came out I’ve been waiting to get my hands on a pair of D750s for a while now. Well they’ve finally arrived! I’ve just been sitting in front of my laptop reading your recommend settings and applying most of them. Can’t wait to put them into action at my wedding at Claridges tomorrow!! Not sure I’ll be sleeping much tonight….too excited!

Huge thanks for the review and the tips!!

Steve Teare

Thanks for this really helpful and thorough review. Just pointing out that in both of your videos re writing to sd cards you get things the wrong way round re the buffer filling up and emptying. You say, for example, ‘let the buffer fill up to 16’ when you mean ‘let the buffer empty (to card) so there are 16 slots available – and you talk about writing from the card to the buffer, when the writing is done from the buffer to the card.
I’m not meaning to nit pick – it just had me confused, and since you seemed to have it consistently the wrong way round I just thought I would point it out. One question for you. Do you think images taken with the D750 have as much ‘pop’ or impact at normal web resolutions as images taken with the D3S? I have the subjective impression that they do not, but as someone who has used both extensively I’d really be interested in what you have to say on that. Thanks again for a really great review.


Bloody amazing, Ross! BRILLIANT. Everything from the composition to the PP is just wonderful.

Now on that D750, I’ve been looking to replace my ageing D700 and I think it’s high time to retire that faithful body.

Was this series shot entirely with the Nikkor 35 1.4? How are you liking it, although quite a lot it looks like by the images here. That’s a lens I’ve been eyeing for a looooong time and I was hoping you could convince me not to get it!

My wallet won’t be happy after I buy a D750 and Nikkor 35 1.4 at the same time :)


after struggling to cope with D800 filesizes, and seeing the noise performance and AF described in this review, I went out and bought two to replace both my D800’s. :)


Hi Ross,

Bought my D750 a week ago. You’re review assured me I made the perfect choice. Thanks a million!!!


Hi Ross. Thanks for perfect review!


Could you please make the underexposed raw files for the D750 and 5D MkIII for download ?


That real-time exposure preview in live view should be on by default!

Does anyone know what other Nikon DSLRs have this feature please !!!


Great read Ross. Just upgraded to this beast from a D90 and my jaw continues to regularly hit the floor!!

benjamin greene

Hey there Ross, Just wanted to add that your review here is the reason I got my d750, and recently ordered a 35mm 1.8g. Just curious if you don’t mind what Percentage of your shots are done on a 35mm would you say? It looks like you are a 35mm and 85mm person, but just curious.
Thanks and keep up the great work!

Jason Rodgers

Ive been trying to make a conscious decision regarding weight, at the moment I use 2 × 6D’s with 24-70 and 70-200 on a harness and it’s taking it’s toll on my back over the past couple of years. I was thinking of going mirrorless until another photographer put me off and steered me towards this article. Looks like you’ve made my mind up…err I mean I have, yes I have made my mind up.

Michael Maurer

I never came around to posting this – but I just wanted to thank you for such an amazing review. I was eyeing the D750 when it came out, but your piece convinced me that it was the right camera for me. I’ve been shooting on it ever since and have loved every minute of it. The dynamic range is fantastic.


Ross, it has been a quite time since your post. Thanks for your time to share with us, amazing job. After a couple of years I´ve heard the Nikon D750 experienced issues with trepidated images at left, internal flares, and also Err with flash sync. Did you experienced that?
I´m debating myself (after a bad experience with D5100 in Argentina) if go on with this or not.
If you have a little time to update-me I will thanks a lot!
Love your work, hope you were closer to shoot my family!

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Haniel Singh

Thanks Ross, I finally made the switch from Canon to Fuji and from Fuji to Nikon! I am stoked. I believe my artistic vision will be fully supported by the technology present in D750.


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