Woodland Engagement

Becky & Liam

Absolutely amazing!

Becky & Liam are a great couple. Laid back and down to earth. I remember visiting their home back when they booked, Becky had a wall covered in polaroids - she loves photography. Their wedding is coming up next month and I can't wait. Until then, enjoy this fantastic shoot in the woods of Norwich.


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nailed it, seriously that location is killer and you rocked the creative boundaries.

Amanda Basteen



Wow, every frame is gorgeous. Really amazing work here…. I’m inspired! :)


ROSS! You are on fire at the minute, every frame a winner :)

Matt Ferrell

Beautiful! my favorite is the 5th one with the sun! great job!

Shipra Panosian

The setting! The Light!! My goodness that light is amazing and how you captured it is brilliant! I love your work!


These are all a home run ! Great job as usual Ross!


so, so, so crazy good ross! too many favorites but those wide shots with the sun coming through the trees where they’re standing made me catch my breath. love this entire set – the couple must be absolutely thrilled! you are so talented, dude… seriously.


That location! That Couple! wow, so awesomely captured! so many moments I caught me breath going through these! nice work!

Mark Pacura

I love every single frame. What a use of light!


dude. these are nuts. you’re rockin so hard.


Excellent set. number 3 stands out the most for me.

Douglas Pettway

Goodness, Ross! These are wonderful!
I went through the photos about 6 times; each and every one is spectacular.

joe rumore

So many lovely images here! I was going to name my favorites, but there were too many. I like the variety in images – so nice for the couple.